SIYC Boats

Adagio Passport 40 Jeff and Jane
Rowena Formosa Yankee C.41 Ray & Alicia
Alegre Hardin 45 Gordon & Joan
Alpha Centari Baba 30 Bob &Dawn
Casita Hand Christian 33 Devon and Rowan
Cambria Spencer 35 Gary
Carolmarie Hans Christian 38   Terrance & Charing
Conch Fast Passage 39 Terry and Michele
Moontide Oberly Ketch 41 Michael & Gabrielle
Hawksbill Watkins 27 David
Hokuloa Hans Christian 38 Ed & Sarah
Lunasea Spindrift 46 Frand & RaeAnn
Julia Max Peterson Ketch 45 George and Sue
Nasty S-2 36 Cliff
Nashira Ingrid 38 Mike
On a Whim Mc Greggor 26 Rusty & Taunya
Laiva Tyana Pilothouse 37 Imants and Elsa
Perseverance S-2 30 Rudy & Susan
Misty Blue Cascade 44 Ben and Ruth
Moonshadow Alajuela 38
Richard and Anita
Nicos Freedom 36 Norman and Barbara
Osprey Yankee Clipper 41
Craig and Molly
Penelope Hand Christian 38 Peter and Susan
Perpetua Trimaran Ketch 40 Pat and Susan
Pippin Hans Christian 38
Mike and Lynn
Pizzazz Kettenburg 43 Charles and Susan
Rest Stop Watkins 25
Walt and Linda
Rolling Thunder Horizon Steel Cutter 42 Bruce and Jan
Pied-A-Mer Seawind Catamaran 39 Eric & Pam
SecondHand Rose Roberts 44
Dennis and Laurie
Sequoia Outbound 44
Craig and Barbara
She”ll Boogie O’day 322
Bryan and Kim
Sovereign Hans Christian 43 Bryan and Kim
Ranidan Hallberg Rassy 40 Jim & Linda
Summer Rose Passport 42 Dallas and Nori
Ursa Minor Catalina 42 Nick and Gail
Wild Rover Cal 34-Mark III
Mike and Gail
 Silver Girl  Islander 44  Bob and Robin

Government Island